School Information

South Toe Elementary School

Our School

South Toe Elementary opened October 19, 1952 and is located beneath the Black Mountain range near the Blue Ridge Parkway and Mt. Mitchell State Park.  The school is a part of the Yancey County school system and serves grades K-5 with an enrollment of about 100 students.


Our community is rich in mountain arts and crafts such as quilting, gardening, basket making, glass blowing, weaving, woodcarving, and pottery.  Through the dedication of volunteers numerous services are available in our community.  These volunteer programs include firefighting, emergency medical responding, and volunteering in the school.


Our enrollment includes local students and others who have moved from other parts of the U.S. and from other countries.  They and their families enjoy the life here in the South Toe Valley.



Mission Statement

At South Toe School, everyone works together to encourage each student to enjoy learning,  respect others, and a positive self-concept that will allow him or her to become a responsible, contributing member of society. All students, regardless of backgrounds and learning styles, will learn in a safe, orderly environment to solve problems, communicate and understand themselves and the world around them.


We, the faculty of South Toe Elementary School, believe that it is vitally important to ensure that each child:

Develops a positive self-concept

Receives an education which is the result of cooperative effort and communication among school, parents, and child

Acquires the skills for life-long independent learning

Makes healthy decisions concerning his mental, physical, emotional, and social growth

Learns in a safe, nurturing, but intellectually stimulating environment, which accommodates and accepts individual differences

Develops a sense of responsibility toward his community

Participates in cooperative learning in order to develop respect for others

Experiences a curriculum which is a product of effective planning and the integration of new methods, programs, materials, and technology.